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F.O.X Party 012

F.O.X Party 012

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F.O.X Party is a highly pigmented collection of hybrid nail polishes with glitter. The collection includes 15 vibrant, intense shades that provide excellent coverage in just two thin layers on the nail plate. They blend beautifully with other F.O.X. products and are perfect for creating unique nail designs and decorations. They can be used as accents in various Nail Art techniques or to create a complete glittery holiday manicure.

For an eye-catching effect in a French manicure technique, we recommend pairing these colours with gels from the F.O.X Vitrage Gel collection.

The F.O.X Party collection is an excellent way to add glamour and elegance to your everyday manicure while giving you the freedom to express your creativity.


  • Strong pigmentation
  • Easy application
  • An elegant touch for every occasion
  • Multi-purpose use


Standard preparation of the nail plate

1. Buff the nail.

2. Degrease the nail with Nano Dehydrator Nail Prep.

3. Apply Ultrabond non-acid primer.

4. Apply the first layer of any F.O.X Base coat.

5. Cure in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, UV36/48W LED lamp for 60 seconds.

6. Apply F.O.X Party 012 in a 1-2 layer.

7. Cure in a UV lamp 36W – 2 min. LED/UV lamps 36/48W 60 sec.

8. Apply any F.O.X Top coat.

9. Cure in a 36W UV lamp – 2 min., LED/UV lamp 36/48W 60 sec.

Remove the styling using Gel Remover, a nail drill or a file.



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✔️Доставка зі складу США USPS або UPS

✔️Термін доставки 2-4 дні

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✔️30-денна гарантія повернення грошей


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  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hypoallergenic
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