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Why gel polish peels off?

Hi there, typically this is not normal when gel polish peels off and there could be for a number of reasons.

1. Nail tech fault:

  • The lamp no longer works at initial power;
  • Old layer was not removed;
  • Incorrect base coat selection according to the nail type.
    We recommend to apply a thin layer of elastic base coat (ex. Power Base) before hard materials (builder gels or any base coats with pigment);
  • Not well buffed or degreased nail;
  • The gel polish/base coat was not applied evenly, or the nail plate was not fully covered by gel polish;
  • Too thin/thick coating;
  • The gel remover was not completely removed;
  • Incorrect nail architecture;
  • More than 10% of old base coat was left, the material gradually loses its properties.

2. Reasons of the client fault:

  • Frequent use of aggressive chemical substances in everyday life;
  • Nail damage;
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat of the skin);
  • Hormonal imbalance/ taking medication / pregnancy / breastfeeding.

Why gel polish is not curing?

1. Issues caused by lamp:

  • The device may be defective, for example, the light source is burned out;
  • Gel polish will not dry in the low-powered lamp. We recommend using a 36W UV lamp or 36/48W LED/UV;
  • Poor curing may be due to dirt in the lamp. Dust on its inner surface prevents rays from reaching the nails and a hardening film does not form on the gel polish;
  • Gel polish may not dry due to incorrect hands position in the lamp. Nails should be at the same height level.

2. Thick application layer.

The material on the nail starts to harden from top to bottom and if there is a too thick layer applied, the lower part will simply have no time to harden. Even with an increased drying time, the rays will not be able to pass to the lower layers through the already cured upper lavers.

Why does the gel burn in the lamp?

Some gels from the F.O.X product line can indeed cause a burning sensation in the lamp. These include: Builder Gel Pink Baby, Builder Gel One Step and Carbon Gel.

  • F.O.X Builder Gel Pink Baby is a one-phase gel for modeling, is the firmest gel within our entire product line. We don't recommend using it for nail strengthening, especially on flexible or damaged nails. Is an excellent choice for building longer nails.
  • F.O.X Builder Gel One Step is a one-phase gel for modeling and strengthening, and it becomes very hard after curing. We do not recommend using it on thin or damaged nails; it should only be applied over a layer of elastic base (ex. Power Base, Rubber Base).
  • F.O.X Carbon Gel is a nail repair and strengthening gel. It can cause a burning sensation, especially when applied in thick layers. After applying Carbon Gel, you can lightly file the nails and then apply a base coat to make even surface before color gel application.

To avoid any burning sensation during the curing process, we recommend the following steps:
👉🏻 1. Apply a thin layer of elastic base coat (then cure).
👉🏻 2. Apply a thin initial layer of the builder gel or carbon gel (then cure).
👉🏻 3. Finish with a required layer of the builder gel.

P.S. It's better to use a lamp with with a gradual power increase (low heat mode) for builder gels.

How to ensure a durable coating for thin nails?

Five F.O.X formulas for strengthening nails:

  1. Power/Rubber Base + Smart/Shine Gel
  2. Air Base + Air Base Strong (for very damaged nails)
  3. Power/Rubber Base + Cover Base Tonal/Cover Base Shimmer
  4. Power/Rubber Base + Hard Gel
  5. Power/Rubber Base + Carbon Gel

How to prevent gel polish from bubbling?

1. Do not shake the bottle with gel polish:
Resist the urge to shake the bottle. Instead, gently roll it.

2. Tighten the cap:
Before you screw the cap back, remove all nail polish remains from the neck of the bottle.
Make sure to close the cap securely to prevent the polish from drying out.

3. Store polish correctly:
If you want your nail polishes to last longer, store it upright in a dark, cool place with a consistent temperature. direct sun light or any UV light must be as less as possible.

4. Inspect gel polish:
Old gel polish won't provide you with the smooth and perfect-looking manicure you desire.

Why do peels, chips and cracks occur when using hard materials like pigmented base coats or nail builder gels?

The most common mistake is applying hard materials to soft nails in an attempt to make them stronger, which often worsens the situation.

We always recommend applying a layer of elastic base coat before using hard materials like pigmented base coats or nail builder gels.

Gel polish is streaking but advertised as one-coat application, why?

1. Brand conflicts (ingredient conflicts):
Most likely if you used 3rd party, not F.O.X base coats.
Removing the dispersion layer can often resolve streaking issues.
Brand conflicts may also cause gel polish to wrinkle, shrink, or fail to cure properly.

2. Neon shades:
We recommend applying the Tonal Cover Base (001), or the Hard Gel Milk as a base coat for neon colors.

Neon shades will get better application and without streaks on these bases, especially on a white background. This approach also saves time.

Why my gel polish accidentally become thick?

It most likely to happen when it was incorrectly storage.

1. A gel polish will start to thicken if it was near UV source such as LED/UV or exposure to sunlight reach the gel polish bottle.

2. If leave gel polish open for a long time.

3. The gel polish bottle's neck had leftover polish and it didn't seal properly.

4. Temperature changes affected the gel polish.

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