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F.O.X SHOT Set (Starter kit)

F.O.X SHOT Set (Starter kit)

Everything you need to get started set

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Set of 10 SHOT's:

1. Base rubber — elastic soft base, good for weak and thin natural nails. It's dense, self-leveling consistency holds the drop, allows you to create an ideal architecture of the nail plate.

2. Base strong — good for healthy natural nails and best for strengthening them. Is a universal base of medium consistency for gel polishes and modelling systems. This base can be applied with a thin layer in the classic coating technology, as well as with a dense layer to align and strengthen the nail plate.

3. Top steel — top coat without a sticky layer, with UV filter — good for light and bright colors. The material strengthens, provides the artificial coating with reliable protection against scratches and mechanical damage. Keeps a stable shine and color of gel polish.

4. Top — with a sticky layer and UV filter — good for light and bright colors. It is perfectly distributed over the surface of the nail plate due to medium consistency and does not flow onto the side ridges. Gives the nail additional shine and protection from mechanical and chemical influences, as well as preserves the brightness of the color coating.

5. Spectrum collection: 001, 002, 039, 047, 055, 079
The F.O.X Spectrum Gel Vinyl collection is the world's first surface tension gel polishes. Thanks to the innovative formula developed by the chief technologist of F.O.X, this tool provides a highly pigmented, even and dense coverage. High pigmentation allows you to apply the material in one layer.

1. Cuticle Remover Tech is an alkaline-based remover that effectively softens the skin around the nail without overdrying.
2. NANO Dehydrator Nail Prep is a liquid that is used for preparing a natural nail for artificial coatings.
3. Ultrabond non-acid. It makes stronger adhesion of artificial material with the natural nail plate and prevents peeling.
4. Dry Cuticle Oil OASIS is a dry oil with a cuticle care dispenser. Contains shimmering particles, leaves no greasy marks and shine on the skin.

Builder Gels:
Gels for modeling nails from F.O.X are presented in three consistencies: liquid — Hard Gel, medium — Builder Gel and jelly — Jelly.
1. Hard Gel Cover Nude (15 ml) is a liquid consistency self-leveling gel. Great for work without filing. Can be used not only for extensions, but also for strengthening nails.
2. Builder Gel Cover Ivory (15 ml) is a three-phase nail modeling gel. It has an average consistency. Perfectly self-leveling, does not spread, convenient to work even for beginners
3. Jelly Clear (15 ml) is a gel with a jelly-like consistency. It has the appropriate viscosity and perfectly holds a complex shape before curing, which allows you to easily adjust the shape of the nail. During modeling, it remains stationary, which makes it possible to work with several nails at the same time. Not self-leveling.


1. Apply Nail Prep from F.O.X to the buffed prepared nail surface;

2. Apply Ultra Bond from F.O.X — an acid-free primer for additional adhesion;

3. Apply any F.O.X base coat (cure it in a lamp);

4. Apply Spectrum gel polish in one or two layers. Cure in a lamp: UV lamp (36 W) — 2 min., LED lamp — 30-60 sec.;

5. Apply a top coat for gel polish. Cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED/UV lamp for 30-60 seconds;

6. Wait until nail plate cool down;

7. Remove the sticky layer and apply Dry Cuticle Oil Oasis.

Removed using F.O.X Gel Remover 10-15 min or using machine.



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