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F.O.X French silicone molds (240 pcs)

F.O.X French silicone molds (240 pcs)

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Molds are silicone stencils for using in “French” technique for the upper Dual forms of F.O.X. A convenient and innovative tool designed to create an ideal multifaceted “French” manicure.

Features of molds for “French”:

  • Ease of use: the molds are easily attached to the upper form and allow you to get a professional result even for beginner masters.
  • Accuracy and symmetry: help to create a perfectly even and the same contour of the French line.
  • Durability: made of high-quality materials, F.O.X molds will serve you for a long time, maintaining their shape and functionality.
  • Variety of designs: with the help of molds you can create different variations of “French” manicure.
  • Saving time: by using molds, you will significantly reduce the time to create a “French” manicure, because they help to create a perfect and professional manicure.


    1. Select the mold and top form of required size.

    2. Take a small amount of base and apply to the location of mold.

    3. Press the mold several times with the handle of the brush against the mold, thus removing the air between them.

    4. Coat the joint between form and mold with a thin layer of base.

    5. Polymerize in a UV/LED lamp 36/48 W for 20 seconds.

    6. With a thin brush, draw a smile line and create a “French”, or do it with gel.

    7. Polymerize in a UV/LED lamp 36/48 W for 60 seconds.

    8. Take of the mold, and remove base fillings with an orange stick. Fill the nail bed area with a camouflaging gel.

    9. Place the form on the client's pre-prepared nails.

    10. Polymerize in a UV/LED lamp 36 /48 W for 60 seconds to complete modeling.

    11. Clean the mold from remains of the material with tape.

    Do not use alcohol and avoid UV rays.


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