Base Strong


Base Strong is a universal base of medium consistency for gel polishes and modelling systems. This base can be applied with a thin layer in the classic coating technology, as well as with a dense layer to align and strengthen the nail plate. Creates the correct architecture, strengthens the nail, prevents the formation of chips, cracks and peeling. Provides long-lasting coverage that will not lose its attractive appearance after 2-3 weeks.


  • Best for strengthening natural nails;
  • Best for three-phase gel systems and as a base coating in acryl gel modelling;
  • Best for professionals and beginners.

Application technology:

1. Prepare the the nail with a buff and apply degreasing agent F.O.X NANO Dehydrator Nail Prep.
2. Apply F.O.X's Ultra Bond, an acid-free primer for extra adhesion.
3. Apply even layer of Base Strong over the surface of the entire nail plate, if strengthening and leveling is necessary, use the "drop method".
4. Polymerize in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED/UV lamp for 30-60 seconds. The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish.
5. Removed using F.O.X Gel Remover — 10 minutes.

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