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F.O.X Decking Nail form 2.0 Square (120 pcs)

F.O.X Decking Nail form 2.0 Square (120 pcs)

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F.O.X Dual Form 2.0 are reusable forms for nail extension and modeling with silicone templates for creating a French manicure. The special silicone templates included in the set help achieve a perfect French manicure line.

The forms are flexible, hold their shape excellently, and are easy to remove effortlessly after polymerization of any material.

They are suitable for use with both acrylic gel and builder gel. The improved form simplifies nail architecture even for beginners.

In the set, you get 120 pieces - 12 sizes, each containing 10 pieces, allowing for easy selection of the appropriate form for each nail plate.

The product line offers three of the most popular shapes:

  • Square
  • Almond
  • Modern Almond


    1. Shape the nails appropriately and mattify the nail plate.

    2. Apply F.O.X Nail Prep.

    3. Apply F.O.X Ultrabond non-acid.

    4. Cover the entire nail surface with a thin layer of F.O.X Base and cure.

    5. Choose the Dual Form of the right size for the nail plate and apply the chosen modeling material (gel, acryl gel).

    6. Attach the Dual Form to the nail plate using a UV/LED lamp or a clamp.
    Cure under a lamp (depending on the chosen material, length, and thickness).

    7. After full polymerization of the material, remove the Dual Form by gently pressing on the sides for quick removal.

    8. If necessary, remove dispersion residue from the finished nail using F.O.X Gel Cleanser and shape the nail as needed.

    9. Apply the chosen top coat and cure.


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