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Saeyang Marathon Champion 3 Black - E-File Nail Drill Machine

Saeyang Marathon Champion 3 Black - E-File Nail Drill Machine

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The Marathon Champion 3 White Electric File Drill Machine the most popular model on the market of premium drill machines. Meticulously engineered in South Korea to embody durability, precision, and unmatched performance.

Preferred by Professionals: Align yourself with professionals worldwide who rely on our E-File Drill Machine for their nail care requirements. Its widespread usage underscores its dependability and effectiveness, establishing it as the preferred tool in salons and studios globally.

Sturdy and Enduring: Invest in a tool designed to endure. The E-File Drill Machine is built for longevity, offering a steadfast companion for countless manicures. Bid farewell to frequent replacements and welcome a durable solution that consistently delivers exceptional performance.

Customizable Speed Options: Empower yourself with adjustable speed settings to tailor your machine's performance. Whether you require a gentle touch for intricate tasks or a higher speed for swift shaping, our E-File Drill Machine accommodates your preferences. The control is in your hands, quite literally!

WARRANTY and RETURNS: The original manufacturer's warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. All warranty claims and precessed in S. Korea. Shipping and handling are the buyer responsibility. A full refund can be issued within 30 days of purchase if it returned in unused unopened condition with no signs of use. 

SH20N: The most popular handpiece and the lightest one

  • 3-prong connector, ensuring compatibility with common nail drills.
  • Max speed: 30,000 RPM.
  • Seamless, noise-free, and vibration-resistant operation.
  • Provided wrench for effortless disassembly and cleaning.
  • Compact design: 128 mm x 26 mm, Weight: 146 grams, Voltage: 30V.
  • Maximum Torque: 2.7 Nm, providing optimal performance
  • ON/OFF pedal (optional and not included in the package)

    Warranty: SAEYANG products are covered with 1 year manufacture limited warranty. Please contact us if you have troubles with SAEYANG products that were purchased from us. We will help you to file warranty claim, get replacement, or take care of your repair if required.



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