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What is gel polish? - F.O.X Nails USA

What is gel polish?

Gel Polish TM F.O.X is a long-term coating of a new generation, which combines the best properties of a gel and professional nail polish. Gel polishes of a high degree of pigmentation, have a rich dense color, perfect glossy gloss and amazing durability. The elastic material is pleasant to work with, does not strip, does not curl, does not spread and perfectly seals the end of the nail.

Gel polishes are suitable for art painting, shading, as well as for a gradient of several colors on one nail. The duration of wearing gel polish is more than 2 weeks without chips, discoloration and opacities.


Can gel nails be cured without a UV light?
The primary difference between a gel manicure and a regular manicure is curing:

Between each coat, you cure the color and set the gel polish by putting your nails under a special LED light.

How to apply gel nail polish?
1. If you’re wearing polish already, it will be removed.
2. Nails are trimmed, if needed, and shaped with a file. Pick out your favorite nail shape ahead of time!
3. Cuticles are pushed back or trimmed and nails are buffed then cleaned; you may be asked to wash your hands.
4. A bonding base coat is applied, prepping the nail for long-lasting coverage.
5. Nails are cured under an LED light.
6. Coats of lacquer and time curing under the LED light alternate until topcoat is applied and cured.
7. Nails are wiped with an alcohol wipe; you may receive a hand and wrist massage as well!

You can be sure that when choosing F.O.X for your manicure, you’ll receive a stronger, longer-lasting gel manicure.

Can I combine gel polishes with regular nail polishes?
In order to achieve long-lasting color with 3+ weeks of wear, we recommend proper usage of the full F.O.X GelColor system.


Now that you know what a gel manicure is and how it is applied, it’s time to break down the benefits. Here are three of our favorites—and favorites of nail fashionistas everywhere:


1. Enjoy Up to 3 Weeks of Intense Wear & Shine
Yes, you read that right—3 weeks. So if you’ve got a vacation planned, are always on the run, or simply can’t fit in a frequent salon visit, this is the gel nail polish that works as hard as you do without dulling or losing any of its shine. And you get more bang for your manicure buck! Putting it simply, a gel polish manicure doesn’t cost much more than a regular one, but the outcome is ten times more effective. You save time and money and your nails will look like a million bucks.

A word of warning: You may receive compliments on your fresh nail color a few weeks after you’ve been to the salon.

2. Fewer Chips, More Shine
It’s very irritating: getting a manicure, leaving the salon, and—oh no—chipping your new nail look. What we love about gel nails are their resistance to chipping. “But I’ve had a gel manicure that chipped right away,” we sometimes hear from disheartened nail art lovers. Ah, yes. The truth about chipped gel manicures lies in the application. While F.O.X GelColor offers superior shine and long-lasting wear, our gel lacquers—no gel lacquer, for that matter—cannot outlast a poor application. A less-than-stellar gel manicure that leads to early chips may call for looking for a new nail tech.

It’s not just about strength, though. Specially formulated GelColor isn’t just durable against chips—it’s also formulated to ensure high-octane shine for up to 3 weeks, leaving your nails looking as good as when you left the salon. This means you can be tough as nails and GelColor won't dull, the shine will stay so intense that you’ll still be nailing it weeks later.

3. 30 Seconds to Strength & Shine
Not only will you have to schedule fewer salon visits to maintain your manicure, but your salon visits can also happen faster—and you can get on with using your hands faster, too!

A salon service that’s quick and easy to apply, F.O.X GelColor dries in only 30 seconds per coat under an LED light. That means you can walk out of the salon without worry that your nail color will smudge. It’s equally as easy to remove—just 15 minutes of soaking time and your nails will be ready for one of our F.O.X GelColor shades.

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