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Staleks Storing recommendations

Staleks Storing recommendations


1. Do not forget to disinfect and sterilize instruments after use according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

2. Periodically joints, screws and cutting elements must be lubricated with oil.

3. Seek professional services when time comes to sharpen instruments. Wrongly executed sharpening may cause instrument degradation.

4. Avoid contamination of cutting edges and frictional area with abrasives.

5. Do not store in humid conditions.

6. We recommend storing instruments with blades facing upwards.

7. Use specialized cases to protect cutting surfaces in long-term storage or during transportation.

8. Avoid contact between cutting edges of separate instruments to avoid damage to the edges.

9. Do not drop or knock instruments against hard surfaces. This may cause damage to the cutting edges, especially the tips.


Regular and timely proper maintenance contributes greatly to long service life and comfortable use of manicure instruments.

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