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SHEMAX Style PRO Black — Professional manicure dust collector

SHEMAX Style PRO Black — Professional manicure dust collector

The most powerful dust collector available on the market!

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Experience unparalleled lung protection and supreme comfort during every manicure procedure with our innovative daily shield for masters – the Style PRO model.

Setting new standards in dust extraction, the Style PRO boasts dual centrifugal motors, custom-made exclusively for SheMax. The cutting-edge air flow system, featuring precision-cast blades, efficiently traps dust from all angles, operating at an impressive speed of 3.7 m/s. Employing the groundbreaking "air bowl" technology, akin to a powerful tornado, it channels dust inward, eliminating any possibility of escape.

Elevate your manicure sessions with the Style PRO – the ultimate guardian of your well-being and the epitome of dust-free perfection.

  • Voltage 110V, US outlet
  • Work on full power from US 110v socket unlike others European dust collectors
  • Power: 54W
  • Dust suction force: 3.7 m/s
  • Shield Size: 24х17см
  • Total Machine Size: 36х20х7,5см
  • Box include: extractor cover, reusable filter, block with a plug, instruction with a warranty
  • All components Made in Ukraine


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      • Metal lattice on magnets

        A stylish design solution is implemented in the SheMax brand logo lattice, which gives the model sophistication and refinement. It will perfectly complement any interior and become its bright accent. Due to the presence of magnets, it will create ease of operation and significantly reduce the filter cleaning process.

      • Dust capture working area is across all perimeter of the machine:

        With a wide dust capture area of 10x7 inch (instead of the traditional 5inch cm of existing dust collectors), the Style PRO SheMax horizontal dust collector literally prevents dust from rising into the air or settling on objects. It instantly absorbs the dust, compresses it under strong pressure and blocks it in the compartments of closed filters, turning dust into tiny granules.

      • 2 Centrifugal motors

        The uniqueness of the Style PRO model lies in the presence of two centrifugal motors, which are made by special order for SheMax.

        The smart air flow through the cast blades evenly captures dust around the entire perimeter of the model at a speed of 3.7 m/s. The latest “air bowl” technology, like a tornado, directs it from the surface to the center, leaving no chance for dust to go out.

        The term of uninterrupted operation of each motor is 6 years.

      • Reusable filter

        SheMax came up with a technology that allows you not to accumulate dust on the walls of the motor, harming it, but to instantly absorb all the dust into the compartments without residue.

        It’s all about the filter, which is installed directly above the dust collector motor, so it “catches” it before the “entrance”.

        The compressed dust loses its “mobility” property and is easily disposed of without residues.

        That is why SheMax began to use closed compartments instead of the traditional dust bag.

      • Height 7 cm and weight 2.3 kg

        The Style PRO model has the lowest height in the world – only 3 inch, and weighs – 5 pounds. A stylish minimalistic gadget with an exquisite author’s design solution is adapted for any, even the most compact workspace. The Style PRO model will certainly fit into your interior and tell all visitors about your delicate and refined taste.

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