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F.O.X Top Opal

F.O.X Top Opal

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F.O.X Top Opal is a non-sticky top coat with shimmering opal particles. It is suitable for covering gel varnish, gel system and acrylic gel, gives the surface a shine. The material is strong, prevents the formation of chips and scratches on the coating due to mechanical damage. Creates a shimmering coating that effectively shines under bright lighting


  • Dense, translucent;
  • Without a sticky layer;
  • Suitable for application on any base or gel polish;
  • After drying, the shiny particles of the top do not stick out, which ensures a smooth surface.


1. After applying the colored gel polish, cover the entire surface of the nail plate using Top Opal

2. Cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED/UV lamp for 30-60 seconds.

3. Wait until nail plate cool down

4. Remove the sticky layer and apply cuticle oil.
Removed using F.O.X Gel Remover 10-15 min or using machine.


IsobornylMethacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, N,N-Dimethylacrylamide, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Bis (2-Methacryloxyethyl) Phosphate, Mica


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