Top No Wipe


Top No Wipe is a top coating without a sticky layer for gel polish and gel systems. Self-levelling. Thanks to its balanced consistency, Top No Wipe is perfectly distributed over the surface of the nail. Creates reliable protection against mechanical damage, preserves color and provides a stable shine. The elastic structure of the material after polymerization prevents the formation of cracks in the coating during wear.

1. Does not have a dispersion layer;
2. Elastic;
3. Does not spread, self-leveling;
4. Suitable for rubbing;
5. Without UV filter (ideal for dark shades).

Application technology:
1. After applying the colored gel polish, cover the entire surface of the nail plate using Top No Wipe
2. Cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED/UV lamp for 30-60 seconds. 
3. Wait until nail plate cool down
4. Remove the sticky layer and apply Dry Cuticle Oil Oasis
Removed using F.O.X Gel Remover 10-15 min or using machine.

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