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F.O.X Top Bloom

F.O.X Top Bloom

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F.O.X Top Bloom - a finishing top coat with a "confetti" effect that looks fantastic all over the nails. It contains lots of tiny hexagons in turquoise, pink, lilac and white color. You may create a bright unique manicure for the holiday season using this exclusive top coat. 

The material has a medium-dense consistency, is strong and durable.It does not contain a sticky layer and UV filters. It is perfect for covering all possible shades of hybrid polishes. The coloured "confetti" does not run off or stick out and does not form lumps after polymerisation.


  • High shine
  • Medium-dense consistency
  • No dispersion layer
  • Latest summer trend
  • Do not contains UV filters


1. Standard preparation of the nail plate;

2. After curing the selected colored gel polish apply F.O.X Top Bloom to the entire surface of the nail plate;

3. Cure under the 36W UV lamp — 2 min; 48W LED/UV lamp — 60-120 s.

4. Allow to cool after curing for 20-30 seconds.

5. Apply F.O.X Dry cuticle oil Oasis.

Remove with F.O.X Gel Remover 10 minutes after



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