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F.O.X METAL PAINTING GEL Set of 3 Gold Silver Pink Colors

F.O.X METAL PAINTING GEL Set of 3 Gold Silver Pink Colors

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F.O.X Metal Painting Gel - metal gel paint or liquid metal for design.
Gel paint is designed to create nail designs on natural and artificial nails. It has excellent pigmentation and extraordinary shine of silver particles with the effect of liquid metal. Thanks to the optimal consistency, it does not spread, which allows you to create small elements of decor and draw thin lines.
This product is a great alternative to rubs and flexible tapes.

Application technology

1. Strengthen the nails, apply the any color of gel polish and remove the sticky layer.
2. Type the paint on the brush and draw. Give the paint time to acquire the glossy luster of the metal.
3. Polymerize in an LED lamp (48 W) - 90 seconds; in a UV lamp (36 W) - 3 minutes.
4. Apply a fragmentary top with a sticky layer, dry in a lamp.
6. Completely cover the nail with any top from TM F.O.X to choose from. Dry it in a lamp.
7. Removed with a nail file.




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  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hypoallergenic
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