Top Blaze 003


F.O.X Top Blaze 003Ā is a non-tacky top coat,Ā which has a light-reflecting effect. The top is transparentĀ base, which is filled with transparent "glitter" with blue, red and green iridescence, which give the coating a glossy and shining effect.

It has a consistency of medium density, is easily distributed overĀ the surface of the nail and protects the coating from chipping and mechanical damage.
Does not require additional covering with a top.

Apply Top Blaze with an ultra-thin layer or a thicker layer for a brighter effect.Ā 

Application technology:


1. Standard preparation of the nail plate.
2. After applying the selected colored gel polish with a thin layer
3. Apply Top Blaze to the entire surface of the nail plate.
4. CureĀ in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, in a 36/48W LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds.
5. The number of particles depends on the density of Top Blaze application.
6. Allow to cool afterĀ curingĀ for 20-30 seconds.
7. Apply F.O.X cuticle oil.

Remove with F.O.X Gel Remover 10 minutes after

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