F.O.X Air Base Strong


Your manicure will last on the thin nail plates much longer if you apply F.O.X Air Base Strong under the gel polish.

The product is ideal if you want to wear long bending nails or if they have any defects. This transparent hard base is comfortable to use, saves the architecture of the nail, self-levels and doesn’t flow.

When using the product, the color of natural plates is evened out and imperfections are effectively masked.

Air Strong base is absolutely safe for nails, so you can easily apply it and enjoy your wonderful manicure. It is recommended to apply elastic base, such as Air Base, under Air Base Strong for particularly thinned soft nails.

  • Medium viscosity
  • For strong nails
  • Elastic
  • Self-leveling
  • Transparent
  • Allows to extend nails
  • Low acidity


Cure time:30-60sec LED, 120 UV

Removal: Soak off / File off

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