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Spectrum Spring collection set of 40 colors

Spectrum Spring collection set of 40 colors

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The F.O.X Spectrum Gel Vinyl collection is the world's first surface tension gel polishes. Thanks to the innovative formula developed by the chief technologist of F.O.X, this tool provides a highly pigmented, even and dense coverage. High pigmentation allows you to apply the material in one layer.

Spectrum Gel Vinyl is a breakthrough in the nail industry. Gel varnishes are characterised by elasticity, smoothness and strength, which are also characteristic of vinyl coating. The new formula creates the effect of surface tension, hence the product does not flow onto the cuticle and side ridges. Self-levelling.

Each season, the Spectrum palette will be replenished with new colors.


  • Dense pigmentation — saves material and manicure time
  • Surface tension effect
  • Convenient to apply with both hands
  • Do not lie in streaks, very easy to work with
  • Gel polish is self-levelling
  • 7-free formula


    1. Apply Nail Prep from F.O.X to the buffed prepared nail surface;

    2. Apply Ultra Bond from F.O.X — an acid-free primer for additional adhesion;

    3. Apply any F.O.X base coat (cure it in a lamp);

    4. Apply Spectrum 016 gel polish in one or two layers. Cure in a lamp: UV lamp (36 W) — 2 min., LED lamp — 30-60 sec.;

    5. Apply a top coat for gel polish — any top from F.O.X to choose from. Cure it in a lamp.


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