Professional manicurists choose F.O.X Rubber Base.

As well as at home nailcare enthusiasts, who do not mind using this Ukrainian brand product. What is the secret of our success? You will immediately answer such an intriguing question as soon as you evaluate the benefits of this base coat.

It is unique in its structure gel material of a transparent color on a rubber basis, which is used as a fundamental layer before gel polish coating. Its dense and self-leveling consistency holds a drop, which allows you to create perfect architecture of the nail plate.

The product gives comfortable confidence that your efforts will lead to the creation of a true nail masterpiece.

  • Thick viscosity
  • For soft nails
  • Elastic
  • Self-leveling
  • Transparent
  • Coloured

Cure time: 30-60sec LED, 120 UV

Removal: Soak off / File off

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