F.O.X Pro Plastic Base for nail files and buffs



Plastic base for nail files and buffs from F.O.X are suitable for replaceable abrasives of any grain size. They has an ergonomic crescent shape - this nail files is easy to use, because it allows you to gently process the nails. In addition, the product has a non-standard size, making it comfortable in the hand of the master. The length of the base is 135 mm and 155 mm.

The plastic base is light, so even during long work does not overload the master's brush.
Variable files of nail files and buffs of different abrasiveness are offered for bases. Replaceable abrasives has a soft layer, which makes the work process more convenient.
  • Files of black color: 100, 150 and 180 grit. Designed to work with natural nails and artificial turf. They have a length of 135 mm or 155 mm.
  • Comfortable gray buffs: 100 and 180 grit. Used for sanding the surface of the natural nail plate and for working with artificial nails. The size of buffs - 67Ρ…22 mm.
To use a removable abrasive, remove the protective film and stick it to the base. After use, dispose of the file and sterilize the base.

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