Pedicure Base


Pedicure Base is a special product intended for application on the feet. The base lies in a clean layer without creating an additional layer on the bottom plate. The unique consistency is well distributed and levelled, does not add volume to the nails, which makes the coating on the feet safe. The elastic base covers the lower plate from being damaged and deformed.



  • Lies in a thin layer;
  • Self-levelling;
  • Ensures reliable adhesion to the nail;
  • Does not create pressure on the nail;
  • Protects against damage.

 Application technology

1. Prepare the nail with a buff and apply degreasing agent F.O.X NANO Dehydrator Nail Prep.
2. Apply Ultrabond non-acid F.O.X — an acid-free primer for better adhesion;
3. Apply the base in an even layer to the surface of the entire nail plate;
4. Polymerise in a UV lamp (36W) for 2 minutes, LED/UV lamp (36/48W) for 60 seconds.
5. The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish.

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