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Mystic Gel 003

Mystic Gel 003

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Mystic Gel is a creamy gel polish pressed into palettes.
Mystic Gel creates an amazing glow, it shimmers gorgeously due to the large amount of shimmering sparkles and tiny reflective particles.

The gel is suitable not only for creating a full coverage, but also for making designs on artificial and natural nails. The consistency is dense, does not spread, but it is well distributed with a brush. This allows the nail techs to implement different coating ideas.
The material is presented in the 5 most popular shades.

  • new product format — pressed creamy gel polish;
  • unique container - a practical palette;
  • creates a fantastic shimmer;
  • allows you to perform different designs;
  • easy to lay out and apply;
  • does not spread.


1. Apply the degreasing agent Nail Prep F.O.X on the swollen surface of the nail;

2. Apply Ultra Bond F.O.X — acid-free primer for additional adhesion;

3. Before applying any Base coat (dry it in a lamp);

4. Pick the Mystic Gel polish on a brush, apply to the entire nail or create design.
Dry in a lamp: UV lamp 36W - 1 min., LED lamp 36 / 48W - 1 min;

5. Apply a Top coat - any top from F.O.X. Dry in a lamp.


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