Hangover 004


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F.O.X Hangover collection consists of 9 unique gel polishes that shine chicly and complement a bright festive look. These are not simple sparkles, each of the shades is original: give a holographic overflow or opal shimmer.

Gel polishes are dense, full coverage can be achieved in two layers.

Any of the Hangover shades will look luxurious both independently and in design, for example, in a gradient.

Hexagons, opal particles, mica and other innovative materials create a magical shine.


  • Suitable both for self-application on the base and on colored gel polishes;
  • Each shade creates an original shine effect;
  • With the help of gel polishes, you can create a design or make a gradient on the nails;
  • Dense - application in 2 layers gives full coverage.
Application technology
  1. Apply the degreasing agent Nail Prep F.O.X on the swollen surface of the nail;
  2. Apply Ultra Bond F.O.X- acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
  3. Apply any Base coat F.O.X (dry it in a lamp);
  4. Apply gel polish collection Hangover in one or two layers. Dry in a lamp: UV lamp (36 W) - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30-60 seconds;
  5. Apply a top coat for gel polish - any Top coat F.O.X  to choose from. Dry it in a lamp.

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