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F.O.X Gel Paint No Wipe is a highly pigmented, dense gel designed for nail design. It can be used both on an artificial covering, and on the strengthened natural plate. Thanks to the density of the paint, you can easily create clear and rich colors. No unevenness is created when applying a complex pattern. The paint does not dry in the air, which makes it possible to draw details and adjust the pattern before drying in the lamp.
Easy to apply and does not spread. Also, during drying in the lamp, the design is not deformed. One layer is enough to create a rich and even color. Does not require overlapping with top.


Application technology
  1. Apply the degreasing agent Nail Prep F.O.X on the swollen surface of the nail;
  2. Apply Ultra Bond F.O.X — acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
  3. Apply any Base coat F.O.X (dry it in a lamp);
  4. Apply any color gel polish (dry it in a lamp);
  5. Apply any TOP Coat (Polymerize in an LED lamp - 1 minute, in a UV lamp - 2 minutes);
  6. Draw any design with Gel Paint No Wipe. Polymerize in an LED lamp - 1 minute, UV lamp - 2 minutes.

    Gel paint can cover the entire nail plate. Can be used to design a coat, polymerization time - 1 minute in an LED lamp, 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Due to the density of color, you can easily draw thin lines, monograms, as well as use in working with stamping.

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