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F.O.X Top plastic forms for nail modeling Square (24 pcs)

F.O.X Top plastic forms for nail modeling Square (24 pcs)

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F.O.X Decking Nail Form are a novelty for professional arch modeling with almost no sawdust. These are transparent, reusable plastic tips that are filled with acryl gel or dense gel. The shape is a classic square with an already formed apex.

Forms are elastic, but not very soft. Such properties allow the tips to securely hold the material on the nail without the use of clothespins and compression with tweezers. The distance from the cuticle to the apex corresponds to the correct architecture of short nails.

As a result of modeling with forms from F.O.X, the correct architecture and competently constructed apex are obtained. In addition, the length markings are indicated on the tips, which simplifies the work of the master. Forms are elastic and very flexible, they are easily removed after curing.



  • Has the correct shape and length;
  • Elastic, easily removed after curing;
  • Modeling almost without dust;
  • Multiple use;
  • Convenient for both experienced masters and beginners;
  • Easy to use.


1. Apply Nail Prep degreaser from F.O.X to the damaged surface of the nail.

2. Apply Ultra Bond from F.O.X - an acid-free primer for better adhesion.

3. Apply a thin layer of elastic base, cure in a lamp.

4. Take the required amount of modeling material, such as Acryl Gel or Beverly Poly Gel, and apply it to the form.

5. Press the form to the nail, cure in a 36 W UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in a 48 W LED/UV lamp for 2 minutes. Remove the form after curing.

6. Remove the dispersion layer, carry out light dusting. The nail is ready for application of gel polish or top.


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