Spectrum Rubber Base 046


Spectrum Rubber Base is a collection of highly pigmented color bases, which is a modern replacement for a full coverage. The shade palette is identical to the popular F.O.X Spectrum Gel Vinyl collection.

The bases are elastic, rather rigid, thanks to which the material does not shrink. Perfectly self-leveling.

With the help of Spectrum Rubber Base, the master can quickly create an even and dense coating. They can be used both independently and in combination with gel polishes. They do not flow onto the cuticle and side ridges.


  • A wide palette of trendy shades;
  • Dense pigmentation;
  • The material does not shrink;
  • Perfectly self-leveling.

Application technology:

1. Apply F.O.X Nail Prep on the prepared nail surface
2. Apply F.O.X Ultra Bond — an acid-free primer for better adhesion;
3. Before applying Spectrum Rubber Base, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of elastic base;
4. Apply the base in one or two layers, polymerise in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, a 36/48W LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds.

The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish or top.


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