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F.O.X Pro Metal Base + 50x Replaceable files

F.O.X Pro Metal Base + 50x Replaceable files

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Order refills only if you previously purchased Metal file base with correct length (135m, 155mm or 180mm) to use with current nail file refills

Replaceable disposable nail files refills are suitable for nail masters who care about the health of their customers.

Using a removable file and sterilised file base, you can be sure that your procedure is safe

Benefits of disposable nail files:

  • Absolute hygiene
  • No plastic waste
  • Saves time - you will not need to regularly sterilize nail files
  • Suitable for natural and artificial nails (depending on abrasiveness)
  • Easily peels off from the base without leaving a sticky layer
  • Does not crumble or clog during filing process.
  • Replaceable abrasives can be easily put on a file base (metal or plastic) in seconds

For artificial nails, choose 100, 150 grit.

For natural nails choose - 180 grit

100 grit - it is hard nail files, to work ONLY with hard materials (gel, polygel, acrylic). It is not recommended to work with hard files on the natural nail plate.

150 grit is a fairly hard abrasive, suitable for shaping and adjusting the length of natural nails, and for extended nails.

180 grit - a nail file of medium hardness, suitable for working with gel polish and natural nails, you can quickly cut off the length and file off the top (for those who remove gel polish using the soaking technique).

      HOW TO USE

      1. Detach the paper layer from the nail file.

      2. Stick it to METAL or ACRYLIC file base.

      3. Remove the replacement file after use and dispose it.

      4. Disinfect or sterilize the base.


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