Dofamin 004


Dofamin is a light color collection base coats.

These bases have dense pigmentation, they look amazing on the nails. Can be used alone or in combination with other gel polishes. Dopamine is a modern replacement for full coverage. The bases are perfectly self-leveling and have an average stiffness. It is easy to create different designs with them.

It is recommended to apply on a substrate with a transparent base.


  • Dense pigmentation;
  • Bright neon shades;
  • Perfectly self-levelling;
  • Do not need to be covered with gel varnishes;
  • Make it possible to create a large number of designs.

Application technology:

1. Apply F.O.X Nail Prep from  to the prepared nail
2. Apply F.O.X Ultra Bond — an acid-free primer for additional adhesion
3. Before applying Dofamin, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of elastic base coat (ex. Power Base)
4. Apply Dofamin in one or two layers, cure it in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, 36/48W LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds
5. The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish or top

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