F.O.X Pro Metal Base + 50x Replaceable files (155mm)


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F.O.X set of replaceable files and a metal base will make the manicure process fast, comfortable, and safe. It will be much easier to maintain a high level of hygiene when performing manicure and pedicure processes.

What can be better? These disposable nail file attachments are securely attached to a special metal base, allowing the nail master to perform the most precise movements.

The abrasive does not require much time and effort to be securely fixed on the metal base. It is cost-effective due to its twice lower price compared to standard nail files.

By using these products, you care about the health of your customers and can significantly speed up the process of preparing the nail for gel polish application.


The Metal Base has a unique half-moon shape. This light gray tool has a concise design and it also can have personalized inscription, especially for your salon. It is eco-friendly and low waste.

The range of F.O.X brand includes variable file refills that differ in hardness and purpose, so they are suitable for any stage of nail cutting.


  • 100 grit is a hard nail file to work only with hard materials (gel, poly gel, acrylic). It is recommended to work with hard files on the artificial nail plate.
  • 150 grit is a fairly hard abrasive, suitable for shaping and adjusting the length of natural nails, and for artificial nails.
  • 180 grit is a nail file of medium hardness, suitable for working with gel polish and natural nails.

This accessory allows easy and quick coping with the nail, giving it the desired length and shape. So, this is a must-have product in your arsenal.



  • Cost-effective solution with abrasive refills
  • Buy Metal Base one time and then only refills
  • Eco-friendly and has much lower waste
  • Applying in 3 sec
  • Has soft interlayer
  • Can be easily detached from file base
  • Doesn't remain any glue on file base

Application process:
  1. Detach the paper layer from the nail file.
  2. Stick it to METAL or ACRYLIC file base.
  3. Remove the replacement file after use and dispose it.
  4. Disinfect or sterilize the base.

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