Touch 005


F.O.X Touch – a new collection that reflects the versatility of the female personality, the balance of inner strength and outer refinement.

Flexible, dense and durable self-leveling coating that does not streak after application, and the new soft and rounded brush helps to easily and precisely apply color "under the cuticles".

10 stylish shades that are very popular among nail stylists, especially in the fall and winter season.

Application technology

Standard preparation of the nail plate

1. Filing
2. Degrease the nail with Nano Dehydrator Nail Prep
3. Apply Ultrabond non-acid primer
4. With rubbing movements, apply the base corresponding to the type of nail plate: Base Power or Base RubberBase Strong.
5. Polymerise in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, UV36/48W LED lamp for 60 seconds.
6. Apply F.O.X Touch in stages in 1-2 layers
7. Polymerise in a UV lamp 36W – 2 min. LED/UV lamps 36/48W 30-60 sec.
8. Apply any Top
9. Polymerise in a 36W UV lamp – 2 min., LED/UV lamp 36/48W 60 sec.

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