F.O.X Acryl Gel Beverly 001 milky


Creations of the perfect manicure depends not only on the skills of the master but also on the quality of the material used.

F.O.X products will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding nail technician because thanks to them the nail creation process will become a pleasure! See it for yourself with the help of our Acryl Beverly Gel. It is a universal shimmering camouflage material designed to shape, correct, and strengthen the nail plate.

The product combines gel plasticity and acrylic resistance, so its use can greatly simplify the work process. Its consistency allows you to build up short lengths without setting shapes and makes it possible to model on top and bottom shapes.

When applied to the nail plate, the product does not spread and is easily distributed on the surface with a flat brush.

The color palette is presented in 4 shades - from white to light pink.

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