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Nail Boost

Nail Boost

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F.O.X Nail Boost — an innovative product for damaged and weakened nails care. The product contains natural extracts of wheat germ, marigold, tea tree and eucalyptus, which help restore the natural strength of the nail plate and stimulate its growth, as well as protect the nails from the negative impact of the environment.

F.O.X Nail Boost oil will be an indispensable assistant in the comprehensive therapy of onycholysis and mechanical damage to the nail plate and cuticles. Regular use of the preparation ensures their healthy appearance.

Tea tree oil is widely known for its antiseptic effect - eliminates inflammation, parietal oil - allows you to rebuild the structure of nails, eucalyptus oil - has a strong antibacterial effect, wheat germ oil will provide regenerating, moisturising and wound healing properties.


  • Contains natural extracts
  • Has an antibacterial effect
  • Regenerates the nail plate and the skin around it

In complex therapy for the treatment of onycholysis, we recommend consulting a doctor before use.


It is recommended to apply the oil rubbing it into the skin around the nail and on the nail plate itself.

Apply in the morning and/or evening – on cleansed skin. To allow the oil to penetrate the skin well, it is not recommended to wash your hands within 10-15 minutes after application.


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