F.O.X Top Flash Opal


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F.O.X Top Flash Opal is a non-tacky reflective top coat that contains a large amount of iridescent opal particles. Opal particles deep overflow, spectacular shine is enhanced by refraction of light.

This topcoat can be applied to both gel polish and camouflage base, which allows you to make a reflective coating from any shade.

The material has a medium consistency, prevents the formation of chips and scratches. Can be used as an independent topcoat or also overlap with another top.

  • contains a large amount of shimmering opal particles;
  • creates a spectacular glow under bright lighting;
  • no sticky layer;
  • suitable for application to base or gel polish;
  • after drying it forms a smooth surface.
Application technology
  1. Apply the degreasing agent Nail Prep F.O.X on the swollen surface of the nail;
  2. Apply Ultra Bond F.O.X — acid-free primer for additional adhesion;
  3. Apply any Base coat F.O.X (dry it in a lamp);
  4. Apply any color gel polish in one or two layers.
    Dry in a lamp: UV lamp (36 W) - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30-60 seconds;
  5. Apply a Flash Opal top coat for gel polish. Dry it in a lamp.

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