F.O.X Cover Base Tonal 006


The ideal gel-varnish coating starts with the F.O.X Cover Base Tonal.

Medium viscosity rubber-based gel polish guarantees that your manicure will be flawless, regardless of whether you are a professional nail master or are at the initial stage of mastering the art of creating a manicure.

Due to its average consistency of the base, it is perfectly self-aligning and allows you to create perfect architecture of the nail plate.
It strengthens and evens out the nail, provides the coating with strength and elasticity.
Moreover, it prevents the formation of chips, cracks, and flakes.

Excellent quality and a good range of shades will allow you to create perfect coating without much effort and it is ideal even for French manicure.
Try once and you will no longer want to stop using it.

  • For strong nails
  • Elastic
  • Self-leveling
  • Coloured
  • Low acidity


Cure time:30-60sec LED / UV

Removal: Soak off / File off

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