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F.O.X Cover Base Shimmer 004

F.O.X Cover Base Shimmer 004

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Cover Base Shimmer 004 is camouflage base with rubber-based shimmer. Soft pastel shades hide the flaws of nail plate, providing a healthy and well-groomed appearance nails. The bases also contain shimmer and radiant opal particles, which create an incredibly beautiful shine.

Do not spread and are not applied in stripes, can be used as a base coat for gel polish or used for manicure in the French technique.

Due to the average consistency of the base perfectly self-aligning, allow you to create the perfect architecture of the nail plate. Strengthen and align the nail, provide strength and elasticity to the coating. Prevent the formation of chips, cracks and flakes.


  • Shimmer and opal particles create a beautiful glow;
  • gentle camouflage shades;
  • Bases are self-leveling;
  • Strengthen thin and problematic nails.

      HOW TO USE

      1. Apply the degreasing agent Nail Prep F.O.X on the swollen surface of the nail;

      2. Apply Ultra Bond F.O.X — acid-free primer for additional adhesion;

      3. Аpply the Cover Base Shimmer in one or two layers in the technique of strengthening nails, polymerize in a UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes, LED / UV lamp 36 / 48W - 30-60 seconds.
      The nail is ready to be covered with color gel polish or top.

      Remove with F.O.X Gel Remover for 10 min or with machine.

      Recommended to apply a substrate from a transparent elastic base on problem nails.


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