F.O.X Gel Paste is a material intended for use in nail art.
Has a structure that resembles soft and stretchy plasticine.
It has a thick consistency and does not spread over the nail, does not form lumps and does not bubble.
With it, you can draw small details. It is used in the same way as a regular gel - varnish or gel - paint.
The material must be dried in a UV or LED lamp. Unlike a simple gel - paint, you can create volumetric elements from paste.
The material holds its shape well, stretches for the brush and can easily cope with any patterns in 3D format (lace, shell, quilted design and other voluminous manicure).
The paste contains polymers and acrylates, but no acetone.
It is absolutely safe and does not possess any expressive smell.
It can be mixed with gel paints and gel varnishes from the F.O.X.
After polymerization, it has a dispersion layer into which you can rub the Metalic mirror from F.O.X, resulting in a chic effect of baguette molding. This design needs to overlap with Top No Wipe.

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