Gel paint is a highly pigmented, dense gel designed for nail art. After polymerization, it has a sticky layer.
It can be used both on artificial nail and on a reinforced natural plate.
Thanks to the density of the paint, it turns out to create clear and color-saturated drawings. When applying a multi-color pattern, no bumps are created.
The paint does not dry out in the air, which makes it possible to draw details and correct the drawing before placing it in the lamp.
Easy to apply and does not run. Also, when dried in a lamp, the contours are not deformed and the composition does not bubble.
In combination with F.O.X Gel paste, new rich shades are obtained. One layer is enough to create a rich and even color.
Gel - paint can cover the entire nail plate. Can be used in the design of a jacket, the polymerization time is 1 min. in an LED lamp, 2 min. in a UV lamp.
Thanks to the density of color, you can easily draw thin lines, monograms, and also use in work with stamping.

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