Smart GeI F.O.X is a three-phase camouflage liquid gel system for strengthening natural nails. The collection includes three shades with multicolored shimmer. Perfectly camouflage the nail, visually hiding flaws.
Smart GeI has medium viscosity and rigidity, low acidity. GeI doesn't need buffing. The material perfectly straightens and strengthens short and long nails. Doesn't deform. Saves architecture of the nail.
Apply elastic base a thin layer for better stability with a soft nail.

The benefits:
- doesn't need buffing;
- strengthens nails;
- high camouflage property;
- low acidity;
- perfectly holds the architecture.

Application technology:
1. Treat the surface of nail with a buff and apply a F.O.X NANO Dehydrator Nail Prep;
2. Apply F.O.X Ultra Bond acid-free primer for extra bonding;
3. Cover nail with the elastic base F.O.X, for example, Base Rubber or Air Base;
4. Polymerize in UV-lamp (36W) - 2 minutes, LED/UV-lamp (36/48W) - 60 seconds;
5. Cover nail with the Smart GeI, building the architecture;
6. Polymerize in UV-lamp (36W) - 2 minutes, LED/UV-lamp (36/48W) - 60 seconds.
Nail is ready to be coated with gel polish.

Apply a finishing coat from F.O.X. on Smart GeI if client wants to leave the nails without color gel polish.

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