Plasticine gel is a soft, pleasant material to work with, allowing even an inexperienced master to create maximum scope for creativity.
They can create both ultra-thin and textured shapes up to 5mm thick.
And the structure itself goes well with any decor: rhinestones, sparkles, glitter, mica, mother of pearl, mirror rub.
With the help of a large palette of shades, you can create new colors by mixing.
In baguette molding, after polymerization with the use of Metalic mirror, the elegance of precious metal can be achieved.
And also in its composition you can mix gel varnishes from the Pigment collection, thereby increasing its brightness.
One has only to supplement the main design product with jewelry in moderation, so as not to excessively lengthen the polymerization process of the finished manicure.
It allows you to create any shape without hurrying through the details. This material does not air dry and does not spread over the nail like water.
Odorless. That is why it is the best "training product" for beginners.
The collection consists of 13 shades.

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